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Scope Tips
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Autoguiding Scope Tip
I marked with a permanent marker a black line on the focuser tube, so if I lose my focus, I can more or less find it fairly quickly

Mount Tips
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Alignment to Polaris
I put 3 markings (3 stones) on the ground where my trippod goes.  It gets me fairly quick and fairly close to the mount-axis, so when I look through the small polar-alignment scope inside the mount, polaris is really close to where I can just make a few tweaks and get it into the alignment circle.

Observing Tips
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Oregon Light Polution
See my work with Google Earth on this link:

Photography Tips
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T-Ring Tips
A couple of tips on the T-Ring tips:
1) I had a Celestron T-Ring which happen to be low grade material, so the $20 T-ring did not hold my DSLR to well into my telescope.  There was a major risk of DSLR crash.  I did some research and I found that B&H sells a Kowa T-Ring that it is superb for about the same prices, so if you read this message on-time buy the Kowa T-Ring.
2) I marked my T-Ring with a little bit of white-paint on the point where the DSLR connects, so at night it is easy to find the spot and save a few seconds and potentially it can save you from dropping the camera.

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