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• 11/19/11
Saturday, November 19th, 2011
So I had been planning this trip for weeks... maybe even months.  Finally, a chance to take the telescope up to Cedar Springs Michigan.... out in BFE pretty much.  Skies are nice and dark there compared to Fort Wayne.  Orion is the target for the night... now we just have to wait till he comes up to play.  =)
So we start looking around.  One thing I love about a night this clear is that I don't need any GoTo features... I simply put on my widest eyepiece and pan the scope around... see what I come across.  The sky is filled with so much beauty... it's almost overwhelming.  Just looking up without a scope is awe inspiring.  I love seeing the Milky Way... home sweet home.  I start to think about Voyager 1... I wonder what it's like out there.... so quiet... no bills... no taxes... no friends... no enemies.
Jupiter is in full effect this evening.  Always a pleasure to look at... more so on a night as clear as this.  Red spot is pretty easy to see.  I saw Jupiter the other night and was amazed to see one of the moons passing in front of it.  It was thrilling to see the moon on the other side of the image when I looked at Jupiter later that night.  So often we see objects in space as still images... but this time.... movement.
So finally Orion comes up...... and it is BEAUTIFUL.  This is the first time I've ever seen a nebula with actual clouds through my telescope.  Blue's and grey's..... gorgeous.  I am so blown away that I just sit there and stare at it for almost 10 minutes.... looking around for the faintest little details.
Absolutely gorgeous.


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