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• 09/29/15
Tuesday, September 29th, 2015
 Iridium 18 flare in Draco was about Mag. -4

On 11/17/15 at 09:01pm Anonymous wrote:
Iridium 23 flare in Capricornus SW of the Moon.

On 11/01/15 at 07:29pm Anonymous wrote:
All Saints Day BRIGHT Iridium 49 flare in Aquarius? moving toward the Meridian going South at 6:24pm PST

On 11/01/15 at 12:58am Anonymous wrote:
All Hallows Eve Iridium 46 Flare in Aquarius toward the Southeast.

On 10/24/15 at 08:03am Anonymous wrote:
yet another perfect ISS Passover after 7pm on Friday evening from NW to SE.

On 10/17/15 at 07:54pm Anonymous wrote:
Iridium 14 flare in Aquila.

On 10/11/15 at 08:20pm Anonymous wrote:
Iridium 66 Flare in Aquila below Altair in the South.

On 10/02/15 at 08:44pm Anonymous wrote:
VERY nice ISS pass over after 7:35pm from SSW to NE.

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