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Welcome to Carl's Online Astronomy Journal.

About Me
I've been interested in the stars and astronomy since I was a kid and got my first view through a friend's reflector set up.  Now I'm much older than I was and find myself with the available income to actually buy my own gear and go beyond just being able to recognize constellations.  BUT, until I pick out a telescope I'm doing things on the cheap. 
My current "set up" is really an amalgation of things I happen to have on hand that make getting steady views of the sky somewhat possible.  Some Bushnell 16x32 field binoculars, an ironing board (yes, an ironing board, think of it as a REALLY wide base monopod), my trusty lawn chair and the most high tech of my gear: my netbook running Stellarium in night mode sitting on a cardboard box next to me.


Favorite Sky Object

Experience: < 1 Year

Astrophotography: No, I do not take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Medical Lake, Wa

Comments about where I live
The town where I live is covered with the ambient light of Spokane, WA but I regularly camp down at Fishtrap Lake south of here (weather permiting), where the Spokane Astronomical Society has star parties.  I might have to get in contact with them one of these days and tag along.

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