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Welcome to Greg's Online Astronomy Journal.

Welcome to an individuals asperations, with plenty of things to do,  but ne time or money to do them with.
Maybe now the kids are out of college?

About Me
Electrical /Systems Engineer working for Boeing.


Finish a permanent observatory to house my equipment, and then start taking photos and observing before I am to old and go blind. (Pessimistic View!)

Favorite Sky Object
M42, M78, M32, M45  and Rho Ophi

Experience: 10+ Years

Astrophotography: Yes, I do take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Waterloo, Il

Comments about where I live
Waterloo is to the east of me,  The light is still not a big problem, but my south is still my best view.
Very cold and damp in winter with few good nights,  spring and fall are by far the best except for the dew.  Summer is nice once again except for the dew and....mosquitoes! 

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