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Welcome to Terry's Online Astronomy Journal.

 So I have been looking up at the stars for some time. I never went very far as far as getting to learn specifics (magnitudes, distances, etc). I never even owned a telescope until a few years ago. I used it a few times then it got destroyed in a flood. So now I am back trying to get into this most wonderful of activities. At present I only have a really old pair of binoculars and a Skyscout on the way. 
I was looking for a place to record my journey that wasn't paper or that awful thing called FB lol

About Me
 I am currently a stay at home dad, again. We tried an experiment with me working again and it didnt go so well. Now Iam trying to work on two of the things I have always put on the back burner, drawing and astronomy. Let's see if I can keep my gaming proclivities to the back burner while I do this. 

 Gaming, writing(heh), astronomy (of course) 

Favorite Sky Object
 So far only really cool thing I have found was Saturn in a 3" newtonian before it was destroyed so that would be my favorite so far. Pretty much all mustard colored and no ring separation but still pretty cool. 

Experience: < 1 Year

Astrophotography: No, I do not take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
, Rh

Comments about where I live

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