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Welcome to Tony's Online Astronomy Journal.

Hey... thanks for stopping by.  It may be a while before anything of real interest is posted here since I am a novice at astronomy.

About Me
I am an absolute beginner at astronomy.  My telescope is a 70mm refractor that my wife bought me for Christmas.  I had a love of space as a very young boy growing up in the age of Apollo missions and the first landing of a man on the moon.  So, this little telescope has renewed an old dormant interest and now I'm contemplating buying a much nicer telescope in the 10" to 12" inch range.


Favorite Sky Object

Experience: < 1 Year

Astrophotography: Yes, I do take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Gilmer, Te

Comments about where I live
The good news... I live in the country away from large cities.  The bad news... within 8 miles of my home there is a large steel mill which SERIOUSLY pollutes the eastern skies.  On top of that, our neighbors installed a security street light just across the road.  Seems light pollution is everywhere these days.

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