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Welcome to Paul 's Online Astronomy Journal.

As a child i would take many a trips to the Adler Planetarium with my school class, my family and as i got older i would bike there along the Beautiful Chicago Lake Shore Drive bike path.
My first telescope of many was a 4" and i got it Dec 25, 1965 from my Father and i well never for get the first time i looked through it up to the Heavens above that first night. I was hooked my mind wanted to know all i could about the Stars above. It was the Lens Grinding and Polishing Shop at Adler Planetarium that most caught my attention the most in the 1960's and 1970's.
In later years 1980's it was the Northern Lights, The Aurora Borealis on our Farm by Canada and our road trips at night. In the 1990's most all my attention went to the Earth's Rotation, NASA and Solar Energy mainly the Solar Wind from our SUN.
GOD Bless and Thank you for your time
The Lord's Little Helper
Paul Felix Schott


About Me
Always Helping Others in Our Lord's Name
Jesus Christ

I Read the Bible a lot, and looking to the Heavens above at night at the millions of millions of stars that our Lord GOD Put There.
I do Love to Fly and most that know me know this. The faster and the more G's is the only way to fly Flying Acrobatics just a little of a show off the Audience always love it.
Flying at Night can be a real treat when the stars above put on the show.

Favorite Sky Object
Our Sun it gives the Earth Energy for all things to Live.
There are many things in the Night Sky to Marvel at, most all of it wonderful and astonishing and to think our Lord GOD put it all there for us.

Experience: 10+ Years

Astrophotography: Yes, I do take pictures through my telescope

Where I live

Comments about where I live
I stay in the Pacific Ocean Islands most of the time Bora Bora and Hawaii the most.
I do Travel a lot. The Hawaiian Island on top of MSSS on the Island of Maui is a great view.
In some of the out of the way Islands at night millions of stars light the sky.
I have a home in Barrington, Ill 20 years ago it had a good night sky now the light pollution is getting a pit too much. All though it is still way better then the inner cities.
The Mt Tops in the Islands is by far the Best View at night of the Stars in the Heavens above.


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