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Welcome to James's Online Astronomy Journal.

About Me
 I have been fascinated by the night sky since my first view of Saturn through a small Sears 50mm refractor I received as a gift when I was about 8 years old.  I am finally realizing a dream I had back then of being able image the objects that I saw in 'Stars and Planets' but was never able to actually find with my little scope.  Sure wish I had had a friend to show me the ropes.
I mostly use an Astro-Tech AT102ED f6.9 refractor with a Hap Griffin modified Canon XTi (450D) on a Losmandy G11 mount (with Gemini).  The main Scope is mounted side by side with an Orion short tube 80 and Orion Starshoot autoguider for autoguiding.  All of this is in a small 8 by 8 foot observatory I built with a roll off roof.
I have a number of other scopes/cameras that I occasionally use depending on the target, including a Celestron orange tube C8, a C5 and a small 80mm refractor with a 60mm Coronado H-alpha filter.
I pastor a small church out in the country with fairly dark skies in most directions.  This lets me spend a little more time under the stars when it is clear since I have the option of sleeping in a little later than most people and still be able to do my visiting and sermon/service preparation.
I hope to learn and to help.


Favorite Sky Object

Experience: 10+ Years

Astrophotography: Yes, I do take pictures through my telescope

Where I live
Marshalltown, Io

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